how to choose the right travel bag

I’m sure every traveler at some stage has found themselves in the situation where they’re stuck traveling with the wrong kind of bag.

Whether it’s trying to lug a suitcase through the jungle and beating the crap out of your wheels (been there), or throwing everything into a hiking pack for a stay at a luxury hotel, a travel experience is often about choosing the right kind of bag.

And there are many different types of bags, which will be suitable for different types of trips. So don’t fall into the trap of thinking any bag will do, because you just need something which will transport your things.

Bags are not sacks. They are not meant to be used as sacks. Bags are painstakingly blueprinted to strike a perfect balance between design and utility, for specific types of trips.

So to avoid committing ‘bags faux pas’, consider the following types of bags, and which will be most suitable for your upcoming trip. This post has been bought to you by Use the coupon code BAGAIL90 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase.

An Overview of Different Travel Bags: Choose the Right Bag for Your Trip

Duffel Bags
Travel duffel bags are the kind of bags which come closest to the utility of all-purpose sacks. Duffels are generally easy to carry and have two handles so that two people can share the weight while carrying it.

This is one of the best features of a duffel bag. In fact, nowadays duffel bags with separate cell phone pockets and certificate holder compartments are available in market. You just have to make a wise selection.

The major benefit of carrying backpacks is that you can go hands-free with it. You won’t get tired even if you’re carrying a month’s luggage. Backpacks are the popular choice of bags for campers, trekkers or any outdoorsy person.

Outdoor activities never come without a considerable exposure to mud and dirt. So intelligent travelers should choose a color which won’t stain easily. And, if you’re after a camping backpack, you should choose a style that can be hand washed easily.

When it comes to organizing and categorizing your belongings, a downfall of many backpacks is that they’re like an open sack, and can often be difficult to reach things at the bottom. So you should look for something with compartments and pockets – the more the better.

The quality of the shoulder straps of a backpack is an aspect which distinguishes a good backpack from a mediocre one.

Now, suitcases might not be the most convenient lightweight luggage option, but there are trips which require suitcase travel. And, it’s a lot easier to organize your clothing, and keep them crease free.

For instance, a luxury or business trip calls for a suitcase. Trips to attend weddings or high profile social gatherings need a suitcase. Why, you ask? Because only suitcases can provide the ultimate luxury that your best outfits demand.

Packing Cubes
Travel Packing cubes are small pouches which are used to segregate items in our bags, be it duffel bags, backpacks or suitcases. How many times have you put in the time to neatly pack your luggage, only to find that transit has reduced it to a hot mess!

Using packing cubes is the best way to prevent such situations. And using them is a great way to stay environment friendly. They come in different sizes and colors, and allow you to categorize and organize your clothes into different cubes.

If you’re packing for family travel you can assign one cube to each family member (or different colors to make organization easy). Organizing clothes like this makes unpacking less messy and saves a lot of time. They can also be used as carry on if you need to quickly unpack to to avoid excess baggage charges (been there!)

Travel is About Blending in
No matter which bag you decide to bring with yourself, be sure it suits the style of the trip. Don’t be a sore thumb and stand out in the crowd. After all travelling is all about blending in!